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Business Development

Research, lead qualification, phone interviews, business due diligence, co-create and manage business development systems (lead generation, prospect tracking, pipeline management).

Business Administration

Strategic implementation plan for records digitization, creation and implementation of file management systems, retention and destruction policies. Onsite and offsite document and records management, storage of client files, digital and electronic records operations and implementation of enterprise-wide records and content management system.

Legal Document Assistant (LDA)

Interview clients, draft correspondence and pleadings, organize and maintain forms plus digital and hard assets. Index and summarize documents and transcripts, provide factual information to internal and external clients that require the use of judgment and discretion. Obtain information related to legal matters from Google Scholar, National Consumer Law Center, Justia, Superior Court, Supreme Court and Appeals Court. Check references to case citations in pleadings against the actual cases to ensure accuracy, proofread work and records for clerical accuracy, completeness, and compliance with legal forms and procedure. Complete incidental legal support tasks using legal terminology, phraseology, forms, procedures, documents, legal office operations, and practices. Use knowledge, skill and abilities to compose accurate legal forms, correspondence, and reports from oral or written instructions, and experience working with confidential information and public law matters. Maintain records, process legal documents, classify, cross-reference and file legal documents according to established filing procedures. 

Conduct comprehensive background checks using Lexis-Nexis and Knowx, 

Communications Management

Scheduling and calendaring using Smart Phone, Outlook and Internet. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media strategy development, online reputation and social content management. Set-up social network profile(s) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for ongoing social conversation and video presentation.

Relationship Management (Business/Personal)

Support for customers, vendors, business prospects, client support, meeting management, agenda development and/or editing, logistics planning, coordination and materials development.

Special Projects

Research, product development support and errands (business and personal).

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